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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lots of options this time of year...

What to do? What to do??

Goose hunting, bow hunting, dove hunting are all going on!  Grouse hunting opens this Saturday. There are certainly options in the Devils Lake area!
Youth duck opener is just around the corner as well. The outlook is fantastic as we are seeing nice flocks buzzing the stubble fields each morning and night.

As for the fishing... we appear to be in a bit of a transition period. We are leaving the summer patterns and turning more into fall. Days are shorter and the weeds are starting to die off. Water temps are cooling and fish are being caught shallow and deep. Perhaps the biggest factor in the bite is the over abundance of bait in the lake. We are competing against young of the year perch, bass, walleyes, and frogs are starting to make their way back to the lake. As we get more into fall look for more fish to concentrate on deep structure such as humps, rocks, flooded roads, and points. Current areas are traditionally good areas to focus in on as well.

So whether you are still fishing or getting your shotgun ready, there are plenty of options in Devils Lake. Weather is usually fantastic and the scenery is second to none. Enjoy this special time of year!

Good luck to all!

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