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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Longer days, warmer weather coming...

We are quickly approaching one if our favorite times of year...SPRING FISHING!

Weather has been cold this past week which has limited our mobility a bit. We are very excited about warmer weather coming in the near future! Fishing outside and hole hopping is the norm many days in March.

Marking fish is not the problem, convincing them to bite can be tricky at times. Seems like there are flurries that happen each day, so always be ready because you never really know where or when it will happen.
If you've had a tough winter bite this is the time to get out and enjoy some traditionally great fishing and nice weather!

We have had fish shallow and deep, really hard to give a depth, rather, mix it up and try to cover it all as fish are always moving it seems.

Buckshots,Hali's,tungstens, flyers, and shiver minnows are all producing.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Roller coaster rides with the temperatures...

-30 one day and the next day 30 above...we have certainly seen some up and down weather of late. Obviously, stable weather is important in fishing. The crazy thing is that we are still catching some fish! There are days that are slower, but we have had some pretty good days mixed in too! Pike, walleyes, perch, and we even had a group catch a bunch of crappies!!
It is getting to be that time of year where the days are getting longer and the weather should start cooperating....so keep drilling and moving! Remember to use caution around current areas (culverts, bridges, etc).
Overall, life is good! Lastly, there is no magical secret spot right now, rather the key is to keep moving, trying different spots, depths, etc.
Avoid areas that have had a lot of people fishing them. Good luck!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not much has changed....

We continue to work, drill holes, and cover water. Seems like we have to keep moving and mixing it up. One day we are shallow the next day we are deep. It also seems like the more we change it up, the better we do.
Most days we are fishing Walleyes early and late and perch during the middle of the day. We are starting to slide out a bit deeper to catch our perch (25-50 ft).
Compared to many other places around, Devils Lake is still fishing pretty well! 
As always, those who cover water and drill the most holes, will usually get the best results!
Probably the best report is to try to fish places that have had less people fishing on them. Look for areas that may hold "fresh fish", as they will be more aggressive!
Good luck!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

We keep drilling away!!

We believe in the saying "the harder you work the luckier you get"!! 

We have been fishing all over the Devils Lake basin and drilling lots and lots of holes and all the hard work is putting some big smiles on our clients faces!
We have caught perch in 4 ft of water all the way out to 50 ft...so the bottom line is that they can be anywhere at anytime, so cover different depths.
We have had some solid Walleyes bites early and late as well. Seems like the 10-18 ft range has been the ticket! 
Pike fishing continues to be fantastic, with many fish being caught in 4-8 ft of water.
Hali's, buckshots, tungstens, shiver minnows, and a minnow/hook bobber set-up has all produced. Be prepared to mix it up and figure out what they want. 
Overall, life is good! Weather has been good and travel on the lake is pretty easy, good luck to all!!