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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Steady is the word!

Perch and walleye's are being caught consistently on Devils Lake, with some days having a bite that is fast and furious while other days the bite is more steady and consistent. You never really know when or where that furious bite may occur, so we stay persistent and positive and usually good things happen!!
Best depths to fish are about 12 to 25 foot range. Seems you like our best lures are: Buckshots, Hali's, Slender spoons, and a bobber with a hook and minnow set-up.
Ice conditions are good just remember to use caution around the bridges and near pressure ranges. Good luck to everyone participating in Ice-fishing tournament this weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ice is getting better!!

As we continue to get colder, ice conditions continue to improve on Devils Lake! There are still some areas where the ice is "spotty",so please make sure to get out and check areas frequently that you have not been on yet!
As for fishing...Steady is the word. There have been some solid catches of both walleye and perch coming in. We have caught walleyes in the shallows and we are also starting to see some out deeper as well (12-25ft). Perch have been caught in 10-35 ft, with the most consistent bite bring in the 17-30 ft depths. As always, persistence, moving, and searching are the keys to continually catching perch.
Best lures: Hali's, smaller buck shots, slender spoons, and a bobber w minnow set-up.
All and all life is pretty good in Devils Lake these days, good luck!!