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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Not a good time to be a walleye in Devils Lake, ND...

It's the time of year where walleyes can and are caught in a range of depths and locations. We have caught fish in as shallow of 8ft of water and as deep as 35ft. Without a doubt a bottom bouncer and spinner have been the most productive method to produce numbers of fish. We have used leeches, crawlers, and some plastics for our best results. Cover water and find the pocket and life is good!
Slip bobbers have also produced fish and vertical jigging has been good at times to. If you can find the "X" then bobbers and vertical jigging is super fun. The key is to be on top of the active fish.

Pike action has slowed a bit; however, the pike we are catching are big and feeding on walleyes. We have had many in the mid 30 inch range with fat bellies. Bass have also been caught out in the deeper water with walleyes. Seems like once you find the school it is game on. We have even caught a few perch mixed in with the walleyes. All and all life is good in Devils Lake!!

Book that trip now before harvest starts or school begins, summer is starting to slip away.

Good Luck!

Mark Bry

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The bite on Devils Lake...

We are entering the heart of summer and all of the traditional tactics and presentations have been producing walleyes. We are catching a mix of walleyes averaging 10-20 inches. It is really awesome to see the smaller fish in the system as they are the future of the lake. By far, the most consistent way to catch fish is by pulling a bottom bouncer and a spinner. Leeches/crawlers or a plastic have all produced. We have used slow death hooks tipped with a crawler or a spinner with a #2 octopus hook. Some of our guides have been slip bobbering as well. Smaller jigs or plain hooks have both produced. They are tipping their hooks with leeches and working 10-20 feet of water.

Best locations to work include: any hump that comes up, flooded roads, points, the old shoreline, and weed lines. This is obviously a lot of locations, but they truly are all producing fish. Pike fishing has slowed but we are catching some mixed in with our walleyes. There is good potential to catch a giant pike this time of year out in the deeper water. Bass fishing has been pretty good when you find them. We are seeing a lot of smaller bass out in the deeper water so they seem to be coming back.

All and all life is good in Devils Lake, ND! Give us a call or email us if you would like to get out before harvest or the kids go back to school.

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