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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The bite on Devils Lake is a lot of fun right now!!

Walleyes are being caught using a variety of presentations. Pitching jig/plastic combos and cranks in the shallows (4-8) feet has been good! We are also fishing deeper bites (8-14 ft) trolling cranks and or bouncer/spinners. More algae is showing up in the lake daily, which is really helping to give the water some color and it is making it easier to catch fish in shallow, especially when it is calm.

Best cranks have been: shad raps, salmos, and flickershads. Colors can vary from day to day; however, perch, hot steel, and purple have been very good for us! Cover water, fish in the 4-14 ft depths and life should be good! It is fun time of year because we are catching all species in the shallow water: pike, bass, walleye, and perch are all in the shallow water with one thing on their mind, FEEDING! Get there and get ready!!

Good luck to all!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The bite goes on!!

Some days it seems like jig/plastic combos or cranks pitched in the shallows is the ticket and other days pulling live bait is...go figure, they are walleyes and they move around.
Still is very important to find stained water. The back bays are still producing the majority of fish but look for that to change as water temps start warming. We are catching walleyes from 10 inches up to 27, but the norm is 14-20 inchers.
This is always a fun time if year because you never know what you will catch..,we have caught walleye,bass,pike,and perch all on the same pass!
Best depths are 2-12 ft. Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to mix it up and life should be good!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Find the right water!!

It's all about the water...absolute key to find stirred up, stained, water. There are many bays that are still very clear and equals less action. Windy days have also been better than calm days, best depths have been 2-12 ft.
Pitching jig/plastic combos or cranks has been fantastic! Bobbers have worked at times as well. Some anglers are pulling bouncers and spinners and doing well. 

Very nice walleyes, pike, and bass being caught in shallow right now! Find the right water and get ready!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The bite continues to be good!! Find protected shallow bays and you find the most fish! Bass, pike, and walleyes are all in the shallow bays right now. Seems like finding stained water with life in it is  super important (bugs, mayflies, minnows, etc). Really pay attention to the water. Also, look for green vegetation coming up. Clear water is usually not very productive. Look for more fish to be showing up in more places as the deeper water begins to warm as well...

We are pitching jigs and plastics or cranks in 1-6 ft. of water. Colors can vary from day to day, but all the regulars have been good: firetiger, perch, and hot steel. There are also some walleyes being caught on slip bobbers. We are tipping them with leeches. Some fish have also been caught in the 8-12 ft range. Anglers are using bottom bouncers and spinners or trolling cranks for best results.

Fun time of year on Devils Lake!! Make sure to like us on Facebook and get daily pics/videos and the most current reports!

Good luck to all!!