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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thanks to all the people that visited Bry’s Guide Service in the Devils Lake/ND Tourism booth at the Minneapolis Sports Show this past weekend. We had a great time talking with previous clients and many future ones as well. Everyone that lives in the Devils Lake area knows just how unique the fishing and hunting is. We feel very fortunate to live where we do and we really enjoy sharing this great resource with people from all over the country. The open water season can’t be to far away….As we get further into spring, remember to use caution on the ice.
We currently have good ice and lots of ice. Weather looks very nice and this is the time to get out and enjoy some late season ice fishing! Slush can be bad in places, but for the most part you can still get around pretty good. Good Luck to all!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

It looks more like mid January than mid March today. We have snow and lots of it. Life in North Dakota is constantly changing and different, last year at this time we were done ice fishing and getting the boats ready. Extensions are needed and it is an absolute must to have tracks of some kind. THERE IS NO WAY TO FISH OUT OF YOUR TRUCK!!! We have seen some brave souls attempting to do so, and they ended up getting a great workout of shoveling and pushing (hours worth).

Weather looks to be getting better in the near future and look for there to be some excellent bites as well. Over the past ten days we have found some good bites out in that 28-40ish ft range. We have caught eyes, white bass, and some enormous perch too. There are days when the buckets are full and if mother nature would just give us a week (or two) of nice weather, it could be hot and heavy. Even though it doesn't look it, it is March and this is one of the best times of the year to be on Devils Lake. One good way to look at the snow is that many people will not be out cause of it, therefor if you find that hot bite, you just may have it to yourself!!

Good luck to all!! Remember extensions and tracks are a must this time of year!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The bite has been steady! Seems like most days we are working for them, but at the end of the day, the bucket looks pretty good. We are drilling lots of holes and fishing all over the place.

The best bite for perch has been anywhere from 25-40 ft for us. We are fishing flooded timber with buckshots, pk spoons, lindy flyers, genz worms, and dropper-rigs. Minnow heads and wax worms have produced the best results. Walleyes have been caught in with the perch and we have had the occasional pike as well. There are places where the pike action is very good right now. Best presentations are tip-ups or a jigging spoon tipped with a fathead.

Overall, it is a fun time of year to be on the ice. Weather has been beautiful and the bite has been solid. Look for the bite to get even better as we approach the late ice period!

Good luck to all and be safe. There are areas that have lots of slush and deep drifts, vehicle traffic on the lake can be tricky.