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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The ice season is still going...

With the cooler temps of late we are finding good ice on the Devils Lake basin. Look for conditions to change as we have warmer temps coming soon. Ice is going to start to deteriorate quickly as there is little to no snow cover left on the lake these days. Soooo, please be careful and realize ice can change very quickly this time of year. Ice that was safe yesterday, could be unsafe tomorrow.

As for the fishing we have experienced some good days and some slower days as well. The majority of the perch we have caught have been in deeper water, 30-40 ft. Searching and moving is key to finding and staying on active perch. Not sure if any one lure has been the best, more importantly is to get back down quickly and keep the flurry going. Finding the rhythm that the perch want is also crucial for success. Some days they want little to no movement with your lure, other days it seems like if you can get them to come off the bottom and keep the lure just in front of their noses it produces the best results. Hali's, buckshots, tungstens, and forage minnows have all produced.

We have been catching Walleyes in the early morning hours and mixed in with the perch out deep. During early morning hours, work shallower water (6-12 ft), and concentrate on rock piles or timber.
Pike fishing has been fantastic! They are hungry and aggressive right now. This is a great time to get kids out and chase some flags with tip-ups!

Good luck to all and please remember to be safe!

Bry's Guide Service

Monday, February 27, 2017

Longer days and one of the most enjoyable times of the year for ice fishing!!

What beautiful weather we have been experiencing in Devils Lake these past few weeks! Temps in the 20-30's makes outside fishing and 'hole hopping' so much easier and productive. We are starting to see some of our waterfowl friends return as well (Canadian Geese), which is always refreshing to see.

As for the bite...it's been a pretty up and down adventure to say the least. There are groups that experience one after another flurries for the world famous jumbo perch and there are others that wonder if perch are really in this great lake. Seems like one of the biggest factors is to have sunshine. The days that are overcast are often the toughest days to get the perch to go.
We have caught them as shallow as 24 and as deep as 47 this past week. Buckshots, halis, forage minnows, and tungsten jigs have all been productive lures to use. Remember, to use lighter line as well, 2-4 pound braided line is what we prefer.

Walleyes have been caught mixed in with the perch. The most consistent bite for walleyes seems to be in the shallower back bays of Devils Lake. The morning bite has been good on days and average on others. We fish until 4pm this time of year so we have not spent much time fishing the night bite. Working drop offs, humps, and points has been the most productive for us. Buckshots tipped with a minnow head as been the most productive presentation. 6-10 feet of water is typically the best depths to work.

We have been using some tip-ups, angling, and spearing for pike with solid results. Ditches, culvert areas, rocky points have produced the majority of pike. Look for this bite to get better as get more into March.

As for the ice...I dislike giving ice reports because ice is constantly changing, especially in March. As of now we are driving trucks in most places of the lake. Beware of ridges and cracks as some of them have started to open up of late. Also, remember that ice will start to deteriorate as we get farther into spring. Ice can change by the hour, so please remember to take your time and go as light as you can.
AVOID all current areas such as bridges, culverts, and bottle neck areas.

Good luck to all!!

Bry's Guide Service

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A bit of a roller coaster...

We have had a bit of a roller coaster ride fishing this past week. Some days the perch are on and other days they like to look. Weather has been up and down as well which can definitely change their mood. Most productive depths have been 20-32 ft of water. Seems like smaller buckshots, halis, and dropper rigs tipped with smaller hooks or tungsten jigs. When the bite gets lighter it is crucial to use finesse and really pay attention to your rod, the slightest movement on your rod tip and you should set the hook. We have caught some dandy perch with smaller ones mixed in as well.

Walleye action has been the best in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Our most consistent bite has been in shallower water (6-10 ft). Buckshots, sonars, and jigging raps have all produced for us.

Pike have been very active in Pelican and the northwest corner of Devils Lake. Work the edges of weed lines, flooded points, and roads to hold a lot of fish. Tip ups or jigging with aggressive lures has been very good this winter.

Ice conditions are overall very good. Ice thickness varies from 15-30 inches. The northwest corner of the lake has a lot more snow on it than the eastern portion of Devils Lake. Tracks are a must out west; however, there are some areas of the main and eastern parts of Devils Lake where you can drive trucks.

Good luck to all!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Devils Lake Report

Merry Christmas to All!!

Ice conditions update...Devils Lake built a solid layer of ice during the recent cold snap!! Expect to find 6-18 inches of ice on the lake. We strongly suggest lighter transportation such as: 4 wheeler, snowcat, UTV, or Snobear for your travels around the lake. Some people have been out in vehicles already; however, we do not recommend this. Look for best ice in the back bays/shallower areas of the lake. Main lake/deeper water areas will have the least amount of ice so use caution in these places. As ice continues to grow and expand, look for ridges and cracks to form, ALWAYS be very careful in these areas.

As for the bite...it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Some of the shallower bays are pretty stirred up from stronger winds that we had right before freeze up. This makes the bite trickier as walleye, perch, and pike as they have a more difficult time seeing your bait. The shallower bays should heat up as water clarity improves!
We have had some perch luck on the big lake and our guides are out looking and searching every hump, point, flat, weed line, rock pile, etc. out there! We will find them!! As always, make sure to have your Ion charged or auger full of gas, as the name of the game is drilling and persistence!

We really get going right after Christmas! We have a very busy winter coming. If you are looking to get out and experience Devils Lake this winter, give us a call and we will see if we can make it work!!

Have a great Christmas everyone!!

Bry's Guide Service

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's all about the weather...

It's that time or year where is seems like it is either  'feast or famine' with the weather, meaning that you could have calm winds and temps in the 50-60 degrees or it could be in the 20-30 degrees with gale force winds which make fishing nearly impossible. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you look ahead at the forecast and plan accordingly. The nice aspect of brutal weather is that the duck and goose hunting is usually at it's best during it.

As for the bite, not a lot has changed in Devils Lake. Best areas to fish include the current areas: 20, 57, Rutten and Mauvee bridges. Using jigging presentations such as: jigging raps, jig/plastic combos, and live bait such as minnow and leeches. When the bite slows in the current areas, we have worked adjacent areas where fish will often slide to when they are not in the current. Also, work areas that are a bit deeper, or even a mile or two down from the current. Best presentations to use when "searching" for pockets are: trolling cranks or pulling live bait rigs such as bottom bouncers and spinners. Other areas to try include: deep rock humps and points. Some days we are finding active fish on the tops of these humps and other days when are finding them on the edges.
Very important to find the active pocket, once you do the schools are usually active. We have caught some of the largest and fattest fish of the season of late.

Good luck to all!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our favorite time of the year...

So many options out there right now! The days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to turn and fall. The air is crisp and fresh. Such a special time of year!
As for the fishing, we are catching fish in or near the current most days. Seems like some days they want aggressive jigging raps while other days they prefer live bait rigs such as lindy rigs or bottom bouncers and spinners. Best depths around the current is 18-26 ft. We have also caught some dandy perch and pike in the current as well.
Other areas that have produced as well are humps or points that have deeper water close. Fish are holding in the20-30 ft most days, with the key being to find the pocket on each point or hump.
We have also had some good bites in shallower water; however, weather needs to be stable for the shallower bite as major winds tend to stir up the shallows and slow the bite for a few days when this happens.
As we continue into fall look for some of the best action for true trophy walleyes and pike to occur. Seems like the later we get the more aggressive they get!
Good luck to all!! Give us a call and we will get you out there!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fall is in the air...

What a quick summer it has been! All of the guides at  Bry's Guide Service would like to thank all of our wonderful clients this summer. Plenty of laughter, fun, and great memories were made! 
As we begin to enter fall...look for the bite  to continue to be productive. Patterns and locations may change a bit, but the thump from those walleyes will continue! In fact, look for some of our nicest fish of the year to be caught in the next two months. 
Seems like there's to many options with to little time during the fall. A really fun option for our clients is to hunt the morning and fish the afternoon (cast and blast), as we refer to it. If you are looking for another great experience on Devils Lake, give us a call or email and we will make it happen! It truly is an amazing time of year.

Mark Bry