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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Walleyes still going, perch are a bit trickier...

Overall, the bite remains quite good! We are catching some beautiful walleyes. Some as shallow as six ft with the majority coming in that 8-12 ft range.
There are days they really smack it and other days they need some coaxing.

Perch have been caught, but it seems like establishing a consistent pattern is a bit tricky. The bite should get better as we are exploring more water weekly.

Pike seem to be all over, especially in the  shallower back bays. There are a lot inthe 3-5 pound range. Tip ups or angling with buck shots has produced best results.

Ice conditions are pretty good, but caution should be used. We still recommend not driving vehicles as there are places that have varied ice thickness. Also, it is not a good idea to drive over ridges.

Good luck to all!! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Walleyes are smacking!

We have begun our ice fishing season and the walleyes are on! Best bites have been in 7-14 ft of water for us. Seems like there are flurries in the morning, midday, and late afternoon. Most days the aftrnoon bite has been the ticket!

Perch have been a bit trickier. We are catching some but not as consistent as we want, give us some time, we will work hard to find them! 

Ice conditions are pretty good but they do vary so use caution. There are some very big breakers out there so be very careful! More reports to one as we will be on the ice daily now!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exciting Times!!!

Change is a good thing we believe!!
We are currently rebuilding our website, purchasing a new headquarters for the guide service, and upgrading equipment!
These changes will all be happening before the New Year!!
We are very dedicated to providing our clients the best experience possible and we believe in using quality products.

More to come very soon!!

We are catching fish too!! We go into full gear next week. Give us a call or email us and we will get you out on the hard water!
We can now offer fishing/lodging packages, so ask about them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ice is forming...Use caution!!

It is the transition period in North Dakota, the boat season is about done, and we are starting up the ice fishing season! Everyone is excited to try out there new equipment, but make sure you really survey the conditions of the ice before you head out.
Some words of advice: BE CAREFUL!!!

There are some areas that have enough ice to get out and walk on; however, many areas are not safe and some areas still have open water. So the bottom line is that ice is still very iffy. Please make sure to fish with partners, have picks, ice bars, a Nebulus flotation (http://www.nebulusflotation.com/), and use some common sense.
We are expecting to have a great winter on Devils Lake! Walleye, Perch, and Pike are all doing very well in the lake and the overall size of the Perch is incredible!! If you would like to fish with Bry's Guide Service, we have a few different options.

Option 1: Fish from a SnoBear! (http://www.snobear.org). The coolest aspect about the SnoBear is that really no matter the condition, we can fish in comfort!

Option 2: Fish from portable ice house! (http://www.otteroutdoors.com) These are the best and most comfortable portable ice houses on the market in our opinion! All thermal keeps the temperature inside of these houses incredibly well even in the coldest conditions.

Feel free to give us a call at: 701 739-0161 or check us out online at: www.brysguideservice.com

We will do a few trips before Christmas, but plan to get into full gear right after!! We also have lodging of our own now at The Fish Rehab (more to come on that in the very near future)!! We also have lodging and another SnoBear available through Haybale Heights!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!! We are close...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's happening...

Fishing has been a bit hit and miss...there are some dandy fish being caught, but there are days you have to work a bit to get your limit, other days it's easy. 
Best places to try include: current areas, deep rocks, or go shallower and work drop offs or weed lines.
Cranks pitched or trolled is a great way to cover shallower water. As for the deeper bite, vertical jigging or bottom bouncers and spinners is a good bet!

There are ducks and geese in the area and look for some colder weather to make that even better over the next few weeks!
Devils lake still has options like crazy!! Good luck!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Best Time of Year

Again, I have said it before, but this is truly the best time of year to be in the Devils Lake area! Duck/goose hunting opens this weekend for residents. If you take a look at any of the sloughs, it doesn't take long to realize that there are ducks everywhere.  Next weekend it is open to everyone!
There is grouse hunting, youth deer hunting, archery deer hunting, and there is still time for some fishing. Lots to do!

As for the fishing... It has been pretty good. Not unreal, but solid! Seems like we are getting our best action in the areas that are in or near current. The best aspect of this time of year is that there is always a chance at a very big walleye, pike, bass, or perch. There are lots of "young of the year" bait in the lake, so it is often a good idea to match the bait with a larger profile. Cranks, plastics, and jigging raps often catch bigger fish.
Also, do not forget rocks! There are rock piles all over lake, so look at yor lake chip or map. The old shorline (22-26ft) is full of rocks and gravel, so do not be afraid to go that depth. 

It is always fun to be in the boat on a nice fall day in October/November! With a bit or work and persistence, you should be rewarded!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Options like crazy on Devils Lake!!

This is without a doubt my favorite time of year. Fall colors, harvest, cooler days, hunting is getting going, and of course, FISHING!! Really the biggest issue is deciding what to do or how much can one do in a day...

The bite has been solid! There are days we really get into them and there are days we work a bit. This is a transition period and we are still finding fish scattered from the shallows to the deeps on Devils Lake. We are using a variety of presentations: bottom bouncers and spinners is still the most productive for us; however, we are doing pretty well jigging live bat or jigging raps in current or on rocks. This time of year offers great potential for a trophy fish!

Again, current areas or areas close to current should get better and better. Also, do not forget to work some of the shallower water again. Those frogs are heading back to the lake and the walleyes and pike are going to be waiting for them!

Good luck to all and enjoy one of the best times of year in North Dakota!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Labor Day is upon us....

I know I always sound like a broken record this time of year, but it really seems like the summer just flew by. We had our busiest summer in the history of Bry's Guide Service!! We had such wonderful clients! It makes being a fishing guide a lot of fun!! We thank everyone for their business and a special thanks to the many of our clients that have been repeats for over ten years, so THANK YOU!!!!!

As for the fishing, it has been good but not great. There are days we really get them and their are days that way have to search a bit. Weather has been all over the place (no excuses) and I think there are a lot of different patterns going on between shallow and deeper bites. So basically fish can be caught just about anywhere right now.
So the absolute key right now is to cover water. Trolling cranks and pulling bottom bouncers and spinners is probably the most productive way to do so. Work weed edges( 10-14 ft) or the old shoreline (22-26 ft).

Current areas are always a good bet this time of year and they will get better and better as fall progresses. Vertical jigging live bait or thumping a jigging rap/blade bait is usually the most productive. Look for fall fishing to be solid again this year! With the number of fish in the lake right now, I don't know how it won't be excellent!

So Labor Day weekend is here, get out and enjoy some fishing, family, and fun on beautiful Devils Lake!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


The August bite continues on Devils Lake!  Not only has August provided us with some beautiful weather, it has also provided us with some great fishing.  We are covering lots of water on Devils Lake, trolling spinners and crank baits, dressed with 1/3 crawler, leech or plastic. We have been catching fish in that 17-26 foot depths, however, fish have been found in waters as shallow as 4 feet and as deep as 32. 
The name of the game is to cover water!! We are also getting some nice pike trolling along weed lines, some have been up to 40 inches! Bass are being caught, but you need to cover water. We have caught most of them along rip rap shorelines. We have even had some dandy perch mixed in with our walleyes as well! 
 Make sure to get out on the water before the summer is over.  Lots of fun, sun and fish to be had!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This lake is on fire!!!


If you haven't had a chance to fish Devils Lake this year for whatever reason...this is definitely the time to make sure you get out here!
Time seems to fly and we are already approaching fall. Kids will be back in school soon, the harvest is right around the corner, etc. Get out here! Weather has been great and the fishing has been super!

We are doing our best covering water. Seems like walleyes can be in 9-30 feet of water. We are usually in that 18-25 ft range, but we will fish deeper or shallower, we just adjust to where we are getting the best action. Without a doubt the best way to catch fish is pulling a bottom bouncer with a spinner. A third of a crawler, leech, or plastic will all produce fish! Trolling cranks can be fantastic as well. Berkley Flickershads or Salmo Hornets have been the ticket!
Jigging and bobbering is still very good, the key is to find that active pocket, so do a bit of searching!
We are catching some dandy pike mixed in with our walleyes. We are not catching large numbers, but they are averaging between 5-15 pounds!! The bass are also out deeper and we catching them mixed in with the walleyes. Seems like everyday we catch a few perch as well!
It is fun when you never know what is going to bite next...

Again, summer is really starting to slip away. Come fish from shore, go with a buddy that has a boat, or give us a call, Devils Lake is fishing so well right now!!

Mark Bry
701 739-0161

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We had a great bite on Devils Lake today with the clients. Pulled spinners in 10-17 FOW rigged with leaches and crawlers on points and old shorelines. Although 80+ fish were boated, there were many small Walleyes that were thrown back with patience being necessary to get the keeper fish. We landed some nice pike that also were in the Walleye mix that added to the excitement with a 9 lber being the biggest. White Bass are tougher to come by, however, we did catch a dozen or so white bass caught on spinners mixed in with the walleyes. Although there are many ways to be boating Walleye this time of year, live bait rigs such as spinner rigs covering water seems to be the most efficient and the easiest for the clients. Tight lines and be safe on the water!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walleyes are cooperating!!

This is that special time of year on Devils Lake when the walleyes are biting all over and at all depths! We have caught fish as shallow as 4 ft and as deep as 30 ft. We have caught fish jigging, bobbering, pulling spinners, pulling cranks, and pitching cranks/jigs into the shallows. We've used plastics, crawlers, leeches; and they have all produced!

Devils Lake is such a tremendous fishery! We are catching walleyes as small as 6 inches and have caught them as big as 26 inches this past week. The majority of the walleyes are in that 13-16 inch range, which make for some awesome meals. Awesome variety of classes of fish, which is great to see.

Best areas to fish: Weedlines, the edges of flooded trees, flooded roads, and rock piles. There are many places on Devils Lake where there are big rocks, which holds bait, which will hold walleyes. Look for many of the best rock piles to be in the 20-35 ft range. Study your chip or lake maps and get a game plan the night before of places that look "fishy", and get ready!

The bite should stay solid and look for the deeper bite to get better as more fish are heading deeper. If you have someone you would like to get out fishing, this a great time of year to do it. The weather has been awesome and the fish are biting, LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The bite on Devils Lake is a lot of fun right now!!

Walleyes are being caught using a variety of presentations. Pitching jig/plastic combos and cranks in the shallows (4-8) feet has been good! We are also fishing deeper bites (8-14 ft) trolling cranks and or bouncer/spinners. More algae is showing up in the lake daily, which is really helping to give the water some color and it is making it easier to catch fish in shallow, especially when it is calm.

Best cranks have been: shad raps, salmos, and flickershads. Colors can vary from day to day; however, perch, hot steel, and purple have been very good for us! Cover water, fish in the 4-14 ft depths and life should be good! It is fun time of year because we are catching all species in the shallow water: pike, bass, walleye, and perch are all in the shallow water with one thing on their mind, FEEDING! Get there and get ready!!

Good luck to all!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The bite goes on!!

Some days it seems like jig/plastic combos or cranks pitched in the shallows is the ticket and other days pulling live bait is...go figure, they are walleyes and they move around.
Still is very important to find stained water. The back bays are still producing the majority of fish but look for that to change as water temps start warming. We are catching walleyes from 10 inches up to 27, but the norm is 14-20 inchers.
This is always a fun time if year because you never know what you will catch..,we have caught walleye,bass,pike,and perch all on the same pass!
Best depths are 2-12 ft. Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to mix it up and life should be good!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Find the right water!!

It's all about the water...absolute key to find stirred up, stained, water. There are many bays that are still very clear and equals less action. Windy days have also been better than calm days, best depths have been 2-12 ft.
Pitching jig/plastic combos or cranks has been fantastic! Bobbers have worked at times as well. Some anglers are pulling bouncers and spinners and doing well. 

Very nice walleyes, pike, and bass being caught in shallow right now! Find the right water and get ready!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The bite continues to be good!! Find protected shallow bays and you find the most fish! Bass, pike, and walleyes are all in the shallow bays right now. Seems like finding stained water with life in it is  super important (bugs, mayflies, minnows, etc). Really pay attention to the water. Also, look for green vegetation coming up. Clear water is usually not very productive. Look for more fish to be showing up in more places as the deeper water begins to warm as well...

We are pitching jigs and plastics or cranks in 1-6 ft. of water. Colors can vary from day to day, but all the regulars have been good: firetiger, perch, and hot steel. There are also some walleyes being caught on slip bobbers. We are tipping them with leeches. Some fish have also been caught in the 8-12 ft range. Anglers are using bottom bouncers and spinners or trolling cranks for best results.

Fun time of year on Devils Lake!! Make sure to like us on Facebook and get daily pics/videos and the most current reports!

Good luck to all!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun times on Devils Lake!!

Tis the season to be shallow!! Devils Lake has become world famous for the fantastic shallow water fishing that happens every spring/early summer. This is that special time of year! Pike are absolutely insane right now, big pike, small pike, and nice size pike are in the system in high numbers. We have walleyes too, of course! The walleye bite is getting better each and every day! The key is warm weather. We are projected to have more warm and sunny days which should really get things going.

Key areas to fish right now include: rock piles, flooded roads, weed beds, cattails, and flooded trees. Seems like the warmest water has the newest vegetation, which has the bugs, bait, etc., which brings the dandy walleyes and feisty pike into feed. Best baits include jig/plastic combos and cranks. Slip-bobbers can produce as well!!

Please remember to practice catch and release on the bigger fish! Good luck to all! It is time to get out and enjoy some great fishing,  and weather with friends/family!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Shallow water time!!

Tis the season to fish shallow!!! Pitching jigs/plastic combos, cranks, and slip bobber in the shallow water has been very good for pike with some dandy walleyes and bass too!
Look for the shallow water bite to get better and better as the water warms...best areas to fish: flooded trees,rocks,roads, and cattails. If you can find new growth, get ready, cause fish will be there!!
This is a special time of year and Devils Lake has become famous for the simple fact that you can catch pike,walleye, and bass all in water less than three feet deep. This is also a great time to connect with some of the true giants that swim in lake as they are shallow and hungry!!
Get here!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Open water time!!

We are getting close!! Right now there are some opportunities to fish from shore or smaller boats. This should be more common as more ice comes off! Look for fishing to be the best in current area (culverts,bridges, etc.)

The open water season for guiding should be in full swing by mid May!!

We are close!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Perch fishing remains very good!!

Perch and walleyes are still cooperating! Seems like the bite for perch is better in the 30-45 depth, and the majority of our walleyes have been in the shallower water(12-20ft).
Same lures that we have used all winter are still producing, as for bait mix it up between waxies,spikes,minnows, or minnow heads.
Ice is still good but make sure you are extra careful near the edges,cracks,current areas,etc...this is a special time of year, get out and enjoy it!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Devils lake bite...

The bite has been up and down...overall, it is still good, but it seems like it is always easier to find that pocket when it is nicer out and we can drill more holes without being blown away by wind gusts and cold.
The perch that we are catching a very healthy! Walleyes have been mainly in the eater size class; however, we have landed some dandy pike over the lady week! 
Best depths are 25-45 ft. Seems like there are days that they will bite all day and others where you have to wait for it or keep moving until you find it.
Extensions are needed on most places! March could be crazy good for fishing, let's hope for some nice weather and all should be good!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The bites stays solid...

We are still catching fish on a regular basis! There are days that the fish really go and there are days when we have to do dome enticing. 
Seems like we are catching most of our walleyes in 8-15 ft of water early and late in the day. During the middle of the day we are usually out in the deeper water (25-45ft).
Perch have been caught in depths from 20-45; however, the majority of the perch are in the 35 ft plus water.
We still have plenty of ice and winter left, so give us a call and we will get you bob the hard water!