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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The bite continues...

Steady is the word for the bite these days..there are days where it is fast and furious and there are days where you need to search a bit. Cover water and cast away!! Best depths seem to be 2-8 ft of water. We are pitching cranks and jig/plastic combos. Seems like areas that have cattails are golden right now. Also, don't be afraid to try live bait via bobbers and live bait rigging.
Pike are insane in places, seems like they are best in pelican and west. Bass have been smacking in areas as well, just a matter of finding them. Rocks have been a good bet for the bass!!
Good luck to all! Summer is here!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cooler air temperatures have meant cooler water temperatures on Devils Lake. Water temperatures that were in the upper 50's are now in the lower 50's which has resulted in less active Eyes. Although I have been attempting to push the pitching bite in the back-water bays with some success, current areas are higher probability areas to focus on until the water temps increase. Leaches, minnows, J-Raps, and Blade Baits have been working in current areas with evenings being the best. Remember, just an increase of a couple degrees in water temperature may mean a limit or a goose egg this time of year. 

The Pike have been relentless in the backwater with pockets of White Bass being found in few areas as they have not finished 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Think shallow...

Water continues to warm and more and more fish are making their way into the back bays. Fish the warmest water you can find and you will get the best results.
Keys to look for: long shallow bays that have darker mud bottoms; also, look for areas with flooded trees or cattails. 

Some of the best fishing this time of year will take place on the afternoon after the water has had a chance to warm a few degrees. Areas that were "dead" in the morning may be "on fire" in the afternoon.

Jigs and plastics or cranks can be deadly and a great way to cover water. Don't be afraid to try live bait under bobbers or even rigging when you can find dirty enough water.
Good luck and remember "catch and release" on the bigger fish.