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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Devils lake bite...

The bite has been up and down...overall, it is still good, but it seems like it is always easier to find that pocket when it is nicer out and we can drill more holes without being blown away by wind gusts and cold.
The perch that we are catching a very healthy! Walleyes have been mainly in the eater size class; however, we have landed some dandy pike over the lady week! 
Best depths are 25-45 ft. Seems like there are days that they will bite all day and others where you have to wait for it or keep moving until you find it.
Extensions are needed on most places! March could be crazy good for fishing, let's hope for some nice weather and all should be good!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The bites stays solid...

We are still catching fish on a regular basis! There are days that the fish really go and there are days when we have to do dome enticing. 
Seems like we are catching most of our walleyes in 8-15 ft of water early and late in the day. During the middle of the day we are usually out in the deeper water (25-45ft).
Perch have been caught in depths from 20-45; however, the majority of the perch are in the 35 ft plus water.
We still have plenty of ice and winter left, so give us a call and we will get you bob the hard water!