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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 10, 2012

Weather is absolutely crazy right now! We are more like October than January. There have been many days where you can fish outside all day and be very comfortable. I'm sure cold is coming eventually, but it sure has been nice.  Walleyes have been on the feed and the bite has been very solid. Seems like they are biting all over the lake and everyone seems to be doing well. Our best depths are that 8-18 ft of water. We are catching most of our walleyes an hour before sunset, but there are days that we get some good mid day action too. The morning bite has been fair but not as good as the night bite for us.  Perch have been biting with the walleyes, we have had some beautiful perch and we have had some days where the numbers are good as well. We have catch perch as shallow as 10 feet and as deep as 50 feet. The real key to perch is moving,moving,moving until you get on the active school.  Pike have been good on Devils Lake in shallower (5-10 feet) and some of the smaller lakes around Devils have been fantastic. We have catch fish on every lure that is made I do believe, the real key is location and being on the 'spot on the spot.' It is interesting how one house will hammer them and the house 50 feet away might struggle. Really look at the GPS's, maps, etc. and find the flooder rock piles, drop-offs, edges on weeds and you will catch fish!  Good luck and remember to please be safe out there. Overall, the ice is pretty good; however, avoid the bridges,culverts, or any areas of current. We do still have a bay that has open water on East Devils Lake, there are about 5,000 geese keeping it open. This area is east of Coxes Flat. Make sure you stay way from this area!!