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Monday, February 18, 2013

We have had some pretty good days mixed in with some just OK days over the past ten days. We have had some dandy perch and pike of late, just not huge numbers of them. The walleyes have been more in the eater class, with only a few nicer ones mixed in here and there. The reality is that just about everywhere we go we are marking fish, the key is triggering them to bite or to be there for that window they are feeding in (which may last twenty minutes or a few hours). So there is a bit of a guessing game as to the time and location that will produce the next flurry...Some days we wait for the bite and other days we go looking for more aggressive fish.

Some of the best ice fishing of the year is traditionally that late ice period. My calendar is showing that March is right around the corner!! We are anticipating more takers and less lookers as the weather warms and more hatches occur in shallow. Seems like everything (walleyes, perch, pike) become more active in the spring.

The Devils Lake area has had a fair amount of snow mixed in with lots of wind which equals tough access and travel on the lake. We recommend snowmobiles or tracked vehicles of some kind as there are some major drifts out there. We have a few openings in March if you would like to book a trip with Bry's Guide Service. Good luck!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We are still working for our fish; however, the weather is starting to shape up and the bite should become more consistent. We have not had a problem marking fish of late, the key is to trigger them to bite. Seems like most days the aggressive lure is the best, but we have had times when downsizing with more subtle lures has produced.
The bite has been a bit unique this year for walleyes in the sense that you never really know when it might happen. Most years, it is the early morning and late afternoon deal. However, this year we have had many excellent bites in the middle of the day for walleyes and times when the late afternoon bite really doesn't happen. I guess the bottom line is to always keep fishing hard because you just never know when the walleye window is going to hit. We are marking and seeing perch all over the place and getting a few of them to cooperate. It is only a matter of time before they are back on.
We have a fair amount of snow on the lake now and access is getting trickier by the week, again another factor that we are not as concerned about because the SnoBear handles the deep snow like a dream. COMFORT,SAFETY,MOBILITY is the what we are all about!! We still have a few dates in February and March if you would like to have an excellent experience!