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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ice is growing as we speak; however, extreme caution is still advised! Some areas have 6-8 inches, but there are many areas that only have a couple inches. Absolutely avoid current areas (bridges, culverts). Avoid cracks...they can easily close and repoen this time of year, stay away from them!!

If you are itching to get out, try to fish with a partner, wear a life vest, have a float you can throw with a rope attached, and an ice chisel for checking thickness. All of this extra gear takes some time, but it could be the best time you ever take.

As for fishing...Walleyes are being caught! Fishing is usually always best during prime time hours (early morning and just before sunset). Weed lines, points, and shallow bays will all hold fish! Basically, the fish are where you left them a few weeks ago. There are fish at all depths. We haven't been all over the lake yet for obvious safety reasons, but fishing points that are easy to get to have been productive.
Buckshots, forage minnows, pk spoons, and hali's have all been good. Full minnows or just a minnow head, mix it up and figure out what they want. Seems like just a minnow head will do the trick most often!

Good luck to all and remember no fish is worth risking your well being!

Have a great Turkey Day!!