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Friday, January 31, 2014

The bite goes on...

The bite continues to be good! It's all about finding that window and or flurry during the day. 
Our best walleye action has been in 8 to 14 feet of water. We have caught walleyes all day but the bite is best just before dark(3-5 window). Buckshots with the minnow head have been the best, but we also have had luck with more subtle presentations.
Perch fishing has been fairly consistent the key is to find the active school. There are days they need a bit of coaxing and other days they really go! The size and quality of the perch is very special right now on Devils Lake, we have had many over 13 inches. Buckshots, Hali's, and dropper rigs tipped with a minnow head or waxies has been the best.

Ice is thick and there are areas where extensions are needed, trucks can still get around, but some areas are tricky.

Good luck to all!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Devils Lake report...

The bite has been good somedays and just okay others. Don't like to use weather for an excuse but it has been a very up-and-down pattern. 
Seems like the majority of our perch are being caught deeper now in that 25 to 45 foot of water. We are using Buckshots, Hali's, PK spoons, and dropper rigs to catch perch.
Our best Walleye bites have been in shallow water (7-12),however, we have caught them as deep as 42ft.

Snow on the lake is getting to be more and more but trucks are still able to get around most areas. Ice thickness is 25 plus inches in most places of the lake...

All we need is a bit of consistency in weather and the bite will follow!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow!! Fun times on Devils Lake!!

The bite has been very fun! Weather has been tough, but when perch are smacking and even pulling your drag, well it makes life pretty special! 
We have caught some of the nicest perch I've ever seen on Devils Lake! Many of them are in the 13-14 inch class. We have had some great walleye fishing as well!
Seems like our perch are being caught in the 20-40 ft range and most of our walleyes are being caught in the 8-20 ft range.
Minnow heads and wax worms have been the ticket...dropper rigs or buckshots seem to be the lures we use day in and day out.
Tip of the day...get that frenzy going and keep it going with all fish, especially perch. What I mean is when you catch a few fish, make sure you get back down as quickly as you can and keep the frenzy going! This is super important!! Take pictures later, get back down there!
Again the Snobear has really shined in this brutal weather! Clients are happy catching fish and staying warm doing it!
Good luck to all!