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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Be careful...

Safety is the key in this weeks post! No fish is worth dropping in. I have had numerous people contact me about the safety of the ice on Devils Lake over the last week, the bottom line is it is sketchy.
We absolutely do not suggest driving a vehicle!!!!! Walking or in some areas atv's are fine, but could change very quickly.
The problem is that the ice is changing daily (for the worse) and you really have to take that into consideration when you go out.
The bite for Walleyes has been best the last two hours of the day. Pike fishing has been insanely good, using tip ups. Perch fishing we aren't totally sure on because we haven't been venturing as far out for them.
So if you do fish remember to have ice picks, fish with another person, avoid current areas and ridges.

Open water is near!!
Be safe!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Madness...

We have had some very good days of late!! The perch seem to be much more aggressive once we find them! The key is finding them...as mentioned in previous reports, cover new water. Seems like most people are fishing the same areas over and over. We have had our best luck fishing fresh fish in places we don't usually fish. The trickiest factor in catching perch is you must find the "spot on the spot", meaning drill lots of holes! There are days we catch limits out of a ten foot area.
Weather is looking great! This is our favorite time of year. Fishing outside, sunny/long days, makes for a lot of fun. It's also a lot easier to drill holes when it is nicer out.
As weather gets nicer, remember to use caution and be careful as a lot can change with ice quality quickly.
Good luck!!