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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The fish continue to go; however, the bite has been at its best when we have warmer weather. Seems like we get warmer weather for a few days and then cold and wind for a few. Water temps have dropped to the mid 50's. Looks like we will be warming up a bit in the next few days and look for fishing to get better and better!
We are still pitching a lot of cranks and jigs/plastics into the warmest water we can find. Slip-bobbers with leeches have also been very good. Some people are pulling bottom bouncers and spinners around and catching fish as well. Again, as the warmer weather arrives, look for fish to be active all over. Most of the walleyes that we are catching are in that 15-22 inch range. Lots of bass with many up to 17 inches long (absolute footballs.) Pike fishing has been good as well, we have had several over 10 pounds this past week.
Summer is here! It is time to get out and catch some fish! Good luck to all!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fishing Report 5/16/12

Bite is very solid!

We are finding walleyes in more places. Water temps are rising like crazy, which allows for fish to be caught just about anywhere. We have found fish in front of the bridges, along riprap, and in or near the reeds. Best depths are 2-8 feet of water. We have caught them pitching jigs/plastics and retrieving, trolling with the electric trolling motor in 6-8 feet of water with cranks, and slip-bobbering with leeches. The majority of fish are still in long shallow bays, but don't be afraid to work shorelines that look 'fishy' and have deep water close. It is really a fun time of year because pike, bass, and walleyes are all biting. It can make for an entertaining day! Slip-bobbers have been best with a split shot and a red hook!
A great way to cover water when looking for fish is to pitch cranks. If you catch a few, come back with jigs/plastics or bobbers and it is often very good!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

The fishing is starting to heat up!! We have had some excellent bites for walleyes, pike, and bass! It's all about water temp this time of year. Find the warmest water and reeds and it seems like the fish are either in them or on the edge of them. I prefer calmer water because it warms faster and it seems like the bite is at its best from about 11am til dark. We have been pitching cranks a lot and using jigs and plastics. Slip bobbers and leeches has also been good at times. The weather looks promising  and with warmer weather look for shallow bite to only improve. The fish are very healthy and fat. We have had a nice mix of walleyes ranging from 15-22 inches on the norm and several between 22-26 inches. Pike are hard to keep off at times with the average size being that 3-6 pound range, we have had a few over 10 pounds as well. It's the same game for bass, find them and hang on. They are shallow and in pre-spawn stage right now. There are some true trophies being caught!!

One big key right now is to slow down retrieves when pitching cranks and jigs. Also, try to mix up retrieves with pauses and jerks, this is been very important!!

Good luck to all and remember that many of the fish this time of year are big, take a picture, and fish for the future!!!