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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weather has been beautiful the past few days and the bite has been very consistent around all of the bridges on Devils Lake. Seems like most days they are adjacent to the main channel but there are days or times during the day when they are right in the middle of the current. Jigs tipped with live bait or live bait rigs slowly trolled have been the ticket. Worms, leeches, and minnows have all produced. When water isn't to turned up there is a shallow water bite. The key on this bite is to have somewhat clean water, if we get high winds this bite seems to take a few days to turn on again. There are still fish being caught near weeds, on rock piles, and near points. Seems like the best depths are 12-25 feet of water, we have pulling cranks and live bait rigs with some pretty good results.
Again, this is a great time of year to enjoy some great fishing. We have had a beautiful fall and there is still time left to get out and enjoy some excellent fishing!
Good luck to all!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The weather has been the biggest factor involved with catching fish on Devils Lake this past week. We have had everything from calm and upper 70's to windy and lower 50's. The biggest factor involved on windy days is good boat control.
Seems like the most consistent action is current. Some days the fish are in the current or just off it a bit, while other days they are scattered many yards either direction from current. Deeper rock piles have been very productive for us as well. We have caught many nice fish in that 25-32 ft of water over rocks or on the edge of them. As mentioned in the last few reports, there is a shallow water bite that is getting better and better each week. Pitching cranks or jigs and plastics has been deadly at times. This bite stays very solid and consistent right to freeze up. Here are just a few activities that are happening around Devils Lake this weekend: (duck hunting, goose hunting), right now: grouse hunting, and archery hunting for whitetails...and oh ya some excellent fishing still!!

So many opportunities this time of year and so little time!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall patterns are showing up more and more every day.  We are cathing more fish in shallow areas each week, as the weeds are starting to die off.  However, our most consistent bite is still in deeper water - in 12 to 25 feet of water.  The bridges have also been very productive with more and more fish showing up there as well.  Presentations have varied from pitching jigs and plastics in the shallows to vertical jigging by the bridges to pulling live bait rigs along points and old shorelines.  There are many opportunities in the Devils Lake area for both fishing and hunting.  It's a fantastic time to be out there!