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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We had a great bite on Devils Lake today with the clients. Pulled spinners in 10-17 FOW rigged with leaches and crawlers on points and old shorelines. Although 80+ fish were boated, there were many small Walleyes that were thrown back with patience being necessary to get the keeper fish. We landed some nice pike that also were in the Walleye mix that added to the excitement with a 9 lber being the biggest. White Bass are tougher to come by, however, we did catch a dozen or so white bass caught on spinners mixed in with the walleyes. Although there are many ways to be boating Walleye this time of year, live bait rigs such as spinner rigs covering water seems to be the most efficient and the easiest for the clients. Tight lines and be safe on the water!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walleyes are cooperating!!

This is that special time of year on Devils Lake when the walleyes are biting all over and at all depths! We have caught fish as shallow as 4 ft and as deep as 30 ft. We have caught fish jigging, bobbering, pulling spinners, pulling cranks, and pitching cranks/jigs into the shallows. We've used plastics, crawlers, leeches; and they have all produced!

Devils Lake is such a tremendous fishery! We are catching walleyes as small as 6 inches and have caught them as big as 26 inches this past week. The majority of the walleyes are in that 13-16 inch range, which make for some awesome meals. Awesome variety of classes of fish, which is great to see.

Best areas to fish: Weedlines, the edges of flooded trees, flooded roads, and rock piles. There are many places on Devils Lake where there are big rocks, which holds bait, which will hold walleyes. Look for many of the best rock piles to be in the 20-35 ft range. Study your chip or lake maps and get a game plan the night before of places that look "fishy", and get ready!

The bite should stay solid and look for the deeper bite to get better as more fish are heading deeper. If you have someone you would like to get out fishing, this a great time of year to do it. The weather has been awesome and the fish are biting, LIFE IS GOOD!!!