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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fishing is fantastic on Devils Lake right now!! We are catching walleyes all over the lake in depths from 4-20 feet. We have caught walleyes bobbering, jigging, live bait rigging, pitching, and trolling. Worms and leeches are the ticket for live bait and it seems like and cranks with an orange belly is hot. Jigs and plastics are working as well. We are catching many fish in that 14-18 inch range. Seems like everyday we catch a few fish over 20 inches as well. The water is warm and now is the time to get to Devils Lake and enjoy some great fishing!!
If you would like to book a trip, give us an email or call and we will make it happen! Good luck to all and have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I must say that I am truly impressed with how good the fishing has been despite major winds, rain, and cold fronts we have had off and on the past week. Seems like the wind has blown from a different direction everyday. Our water temps dropped about 10 degrees but they are slowly climbing back up!!

As far as the fishing there are many different presentations that are working right now for walleyes. Many of our guides are still pitching jigs/plastics and cranks into the shallows. Usually, the best best is to follow the wind (but not always.) We have also had days where the live bait has been the ticket. Bottom bouncers and spinners or slow death rigs tipped with leeches or crawlers. We have also had some great bobber bites. Our best depths are anywhere from 3-14 feet of water.  Seems like there are 14-16 inch eyes everywhere. We have many 17-22 inch fix mixed with a few over 22 inches most days.

Bass are in the shallows with the walleyes. Seems like if you cover enough water you will run into them. We are seeing many larger bass mixed in with some smaller ones as well.

Pike have been caught in shallow but we are not catching quite as many as we were a few weeks ago. However, we had some really slough sharks hitting witch always makes it fun!! Look for bigger pike to get more aggressive for the second half of June. This is usually the best time of year for a true monster pike!!

So overall life is good on the waters of Devils Lake! We have had a busy summer and the future looks busy as well. If you would like to get out and have some fun, give us a call. Also, some of the best action of the year is coming up...Fishing in July and August can be awesome on Devils and if you would like to experience the action, we would be more than happy to take you out! Thanks, and good luck to all!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fishing is excellent on Devils Lake right now!! We are catching lots of walleyes (anywhere from 13-25 inchers) and pike are mixed in with the eyes. We have had some absolute brutes for pike with many in that 34-40 inch category. Water temps have exploded and with the warm weather fish are being caught in lots of different places. The best bet for eyes and pike is still shallow (find weeds and reeds) and life should be pretty good. We have done a lot of pitching of cranks and jigs/plastics as usual. Slip-bobbers with leeches has produced many nice eyes as well. Best depth are in the 2-10 ft of water. Many people are also working that 10-18 ft range with bottom bouncers and spinners and fish are being caught.
Bass are a bit spotty, but look for them to really turn on any day.
Overall, the bite is great and there are lots of places you can fish and many different presentations that will work, good luck to all!!