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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The ice season is still going...

With the cooler temps of late we are finding good ice on the Devils Lake basin. Look for conditions to change as we have warmer temps coming soon. Ice is going to start to deteriorate quickly as there is little to no snow cover left on the lake these days. Soooo, please be careful and realize ice can change very quickly this time of year. Ice that was safe yesterday, could be unsafe tomorrow.

As for the fishing we have experienced some good days and some slower days as well. The majority of the perch we have caught have been in deeper water, 30-40 ft. Searching and moving is key to finding and staying on active perch. Not sure if any one lure has been the best, more importantly is to get back down quickly and keep the flurry going. Finding the rhythm that the perch want is also crucial for success. Some days they want little to no movement with your lure, other days it seems like if you can get them to come off the bottom and keep the lure just in front of their noses it produces the best results. Hali's, buckshots, tungstens, and forage minnows have all produced.

We have been catching Walleyes in the early morning hours and mixed in with the perch out deep. During early morning hours, work shallower water (6-12 ft), and concentrate on rock piles or timber.
Pike fishing has been fantastic! They are hungry and aggressive right now. This is a great time to get kids out and chase some flags with tip-ups!

Good luck to all and please remember to be safe!

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